A curated website of women's (female-identifying) first-hand sexual stories, both explicit and non-explicit, anonymous and credited. The aim is to share an experience, and we want experiences of all types — realizations, disappointments, joys, fears, confusions, first times… everything.  We want to create a space that embraces the range of human sexuality and sexual identity to help us all feel safer talking and learning about sex — the good, the bad, and the in-between.

what we want from you
Your stories about your sexual experiences and exploring your sexual identity.* Please send your work to deviant.submissions@gmail.com —1k to 10k words if you need a guideline, but we're flexible.  We promise we will reply but we are only human (and have day jobs) so please be patient with us so that we can be sure to get back to you in a thoughtful way.
*Please note that submissions can be published anonymously or with a byline. We recognize that some experiences are so powerful and close to your heart that the only way they can be shared is without a name attached — and that's fine.

why 'deviant'
We like 'deviant' as a name because it's a word that has historically been used to dismiss and invalidate the experiences of those who don’t fit into society's mold, often because of their sexuality (homosexuality was listed under the definition in the DSM until as recently as 1973!) — and because its definition and what is considered 'deviant behavior’ constantly evolves. We want deviant. to be a community where we acknowledge and embrace the fluidity of sexual experience, particularly those aspects that society has tried to bury in shame under words like ‘deviant.’